Our managing director, Alice Ann Wetzel, sees collaboration and partnership as the key to successful planning and project management.  Since entering the urban planning field in 1984, she has helped communities shape their futures in ways that respect and build upon their past.  Her project management experience includes promoting historic preservation, redeveloping brownfield sites, developing minority business enterprises, engaging communities about long-range strategic plans and growth management, and promoting transit-oriented development.  As a local official she has held senior city and county government positions in several U.S. states, including Ohio, Maryland, Alabama, and Oregon, as well as New Zealand.  Alice Ann holds a master of city and regional planning degree from The Ohio State University.  She has two active and usually adorable teenage daughters.  When she’s not chauffeuring, chaperoning, or cleaning up after them, she enjoys reading and spending time with close friends and family, often over a good meal, a bottle of wine, and the occasional chick-flick.

Alice Ann’s partner, Mark Chubb, shares her passion for public service.  He also shares her home.  The two of them met while working together as local officials in Dayton, Ohio, where they married in 1988.  Since then their partnership has taken the two of them across the country and around the world.  Mark’s speciality has shifted from public safety and emergency management to broader interests with and involvement in public policy analysis, leadership, organizational development, and building community through investments in social capital.  Mark holds a master of public policy degree from Victoria University of Wellington‘s School of Government and a graduate certificate in applied management with studies in executive leadership from the Australian Institute of Police Management.  He holds adjunct faculty appointments at Portland State University and Eastern Oregon University, and is affiliated with the research faculty of the Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.  Mark’s recreational activities include refereeing rugby matches most weekends and trying to learn how to play the blues on the guitar Alice Ann and the girls gave him for Christmas last year.