Welcome to ManitouNW

We live in interesting, indeed challenging times. While once we might have lived in a time when the solutions available outnumbered the problems we confronted, in today’s interdependent world we have difficulty even distinguishing problems from solutions.  Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity abound. And the traditional organizational structures and the conventional thinking behind them leads us nowhere better than we are today.

Leaders can no longer assume that a charismatic vision and decisiveness will yield success. Leadership depends not on bringing people along as followers, but rather bringing and keeping people together as collaborators. ManitouNW provides consultation and facilitation services to public, private, and nonprofit clients to help them achieve that end.

In the dilemmas we face today, ManitouNW sees possibilities not only to avoid or overcome crises, but also to build stronger communities and a better world one relationship at a time. As such, we believe in reframing critical decisions and engaging communities to expand dialog and enrich experience. In doing so, we look to build social and human capital so organizations can define their success differently.

This blog and the complementary Twitter feed to the right summarize some of the things that we are thinking about and doing.  We hope you will join us by contributing your observations,  ideas, questions, and criticisms.


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